25 Apr

Barry Holmes Mysteries written by Author Brenda Mohammed received an award on World Book Day from The International Chamber of Writers and Artists [CIESART] on April 23rd 2023.

hook is available on Amazon.

BARRY HOLMES MYSTERIES received a five-star review from Readers' Favorite International in September 2021.
The book also won for the author the Culture, Literature, and Research Award in India for Best Writer- Fantasy.

Here is the book description:

Driven by love, Barry Holmes, a former soldier, returned to his country to search for his ex-girlfriend's kidnapped daughter and discovered he was a father too.
Young adults will love BARRY HOLMES MYSTERIES with three thrilling and exciting tales of kidnapping, and mysterious disappearances. The stories are interspersed with clean romantic scenes to delight you.
In three mind-blowing episodes, the author weaved the first story, THE GIFT OF LOVE, to introduce Barry as an amateur detective.
In THE AXE MURDERER, which is well written in the author's humourous style, Barry faced many obstacles to identify the real perpetrator, as there were others who fit the profile. Readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride to capture the real culprit. The end is surprising.
WHAT HAPPENED TO MARY LOO, revolves around the bizarre disappearance of a businessman's wife immediately after the lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic is lifted. Did she really disappear?
Extract of Readers’ Favorite Review:
“Brenda Mohammed is a refreshing author that brings out the best in her characters. Barry Holmes Mysteries includes three short stories that introduce Barry and his skills in deductive reasoning.
I found the stories simple, but the plots unusual. From the beginning, the author seizes the reader's interest and draws you into the lives of her characters and the beautiful Caribbean Islands.
Each story holds all the elements of a good mystery novel; well-rounded characters, a solid plot, and twists that unfold as the crimes are solved.
The author is known for her diverse interests and writing abilities, which come out in her stories. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to any other Barry Holmes mysteries."


Barry Holmes Mysteries is available on Amazon. CLICK HERE  

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