12 Apr

Brenda Mohammed has written three romance stories to delight readers of contemporary romance.

STORIES PEOPLE LOVE  – Six exciting short stories of crime, adventure, and love. The stories are very alluring. It won two gold awards in Connection EMagazine Readers’ Choice awards 2019 in romance fiction. 

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 HEARTWARMING TALES –  Six thrilling and suspenseful tales of Crime, Love, and Unhappy Marriages, all unified by the same theme - trials and tribulations of love. It is an Amazon Bestseller No 1 in Romance fiction. 

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STORIES THAT INTRIGUE - a romance novel, contains the love story of Sam and Julia, two bestselling authors in six intriguing episodes. The binge and wanderlust of Julia will delight every reader. It is an Amazon No 1 bestseller and received a five-star review from Readers Favorite International. 

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