16 Apr

The Four-Book Memoir Series written by Trinidadian Author Brenda Mohammed is set in Trinidad and Tobago.

The first book, MY LIFE AS A BANKER, starts with the author's early life and childhood, leading up to her first job which was banking.

After a successful banking career spanning several years, Brenda was promoted to a senior managerial position.

In her memoir, RETIREMENT IS FUN, which is a sequel to My Life as a Banker - A Life Worth Living, Brenda describes her many wonderful experiences at the end of her banking career.

Reluctant to move on from banking, she amazes herself when she turned down an offer to work in a higher position at another bank.

She chose Insurance instead, and for her, it turned out to be the better choice.

Of course, life is not a bed of roses, and in the book I AM CANCER FREE, you will read how Brenda stands out as a beacon of light throughout every challenge she faces.

In her pictorial travel book of priceless memories, TRAVEL MEMOIRS WITH PICTURES, she describes countries visited, and the wonderful times she and her family had on their tourist trips.

Lovers of Memoirs will love these books.


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