An Interview with Shiju H Pallithazheth, President and Founder of Motivational Strips, the world's most active writers' forum

17 Jul

The following is an interview with another entity by Shiju H Pallithazheth, President and Founder of Motivational Strips, the world's most active writers' forum.  

At his request, I am sharing it on How to Write for Success website. 

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1. You are already a popular poet of international repute. Our adorable readers will be happy if you say in brief about yourself.


Popularity is like a mirage in the desert. One thinks it’s there but when one gets closer, they realise it’s an illusion. That’s not the case when it’s the writer’s or any given artist’s potential that does the talking. We are fortunate and unfortunate that we live in a world where literary icons amuse us with wise literature scripts in terms of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. We are unfortunate that we live in a world where snobs boast and display more of their laurels than the literary testimonials that could have or not lead to those accolades. This makes me say that we have a few people who think that the literary world can be tainted with fakery, non-evaluated accolades, manipulation and false pretension. This happens in marginal form, as the larger wise mass knows that it’s one of the greatest brains that succeed in literature.

 I’m sure Bipul, you cannot disagree to this common fact or rather shortfall we face today in the literary world. It’s high time that we all collectively filter the real social centric scripts for the world of readers to relish thoroughly. I’m speaking more about this subject as you addressed me as a popular poet of repute. When you say that, as an ardent follower of literature, it makes me broaden the subject of popularity and mass.

What is reputation and what is popularity?

Reputation is a trust in one’s character, ethics and gifted potential.

Popularity as a human being is imagination. It’s the gifted talents exhibited with social orientation, adding cosmic support as its medium. It gets one stronger results and faster revelation of reality.

As a human, I’m just like you all and a common writer. I have my own fun times and I have my own sins. Humans can’t be perfect for sure, but yes, one can strive to be closer; and I do!

On a passionate front, I strongly believe that I’m a multi genre writer in general. Poetry is the medium that sharpens my thoughts

I take help of it to make sure my thoughts keep flowing. I hail from the capital city of Muscat, in Sultanate of Oman. An Indian by roots, I have always been a curious kid ever since the nurse declared to my parents, “It’s a boy.”

And being a curious kid, writing is the medium I chose to experiment my observations and illusions. If I’m popular by your words, it might be because I love literature, it’s rules, ethics and its integrity. So here, more than me, isn’t it my literary works which is more popular?

I’m a management professional by way of livelihood and as a bread winner. I’m a writer by passion and have published two books so far, the first being ‘Katashi Tales” and second being “The Ghost Wisdom.”  I have founded ‘Motivational Strips’ which has become the world’s most active writers’ forum with selfless contribution from writers across 163 countries.

2. Why do you write?


I write because my thoughts bring many sane realisations. My insight prods me to share it to the masses and to keep voicing out that the realisations belong to them as much as it belongs to me.

Thus I can’t fully say that I write for myself but I’d rightly put it as a fact that,

“I write for the general mass which includes me as a small unit in it too”

3. Who/What inspired you to be a poet?


The beloved people in the world, and their experiences in life, their fantasies, their outlook, and their dreams inspired me to be a writer. Every human has one single great story/imagination to tell. A writer who is a habitual interaction point to them, has abundant compilation of all those stories to relay, to the greater mass.

4. How would you like to define poetry?


Poetry is all about creative thoughts, weaved by insight and sharpened with observations. It has literary amusement, seduction, precision and higher potentials for improvement. It triggers stronger thoughts to a reader and makes them wiser to explore further.

5. Who are the Classical, Romantic and contemporary poets that you like the most?


Ahem! Well Classical let me put these two gentlemen as below.

Edgar Allen Poe and to quote his greatest thought,

”I have great faith in fools -self-confidence my friends call it.”

William Shakespeare and to quote his greatest thought,

”All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts. His acts being seven ages.”

Romantic Poets are many but to mention for this interview sake, they are as below

Michael Drayton 

To quote a few lines of his poem, I’ll add the below,

“Since there’s no help, come let us kiss and part;

Nay, I have done, you get no more of me,

And I am glad, yea glad with all my heart

That thus so cleanly I myself can free;

Shake hands forever, cancel all our vows.”

Elizabeth Barret Browning 

To quote a few lines of her poem, I’ll add the below.

“I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.”

Contemporary poets, I love you all who write scripts of dexterity and amusement and it’s a Herculean task to differentiate. The scope remains yet to be explored, so let’s keep being inspired and writing till my coffin declares “he or she was the greatest of contemporary poets.”

6.  What do you prefer- rhymes or free verse?


Anything that makes sense and adds amusement. I do not contain myself to limitations or classifications when it comes to using my pen for writing.

7. How do the Facebook poetry differ from the others?


Today social media poets are greater than all.

It makes sense as their talents are well evaluated by a greater mass.

Can we challenge this fact, when everyone knows that the entire world’s greatest writers belong here to woo readers?

In the modern era we can’t expect to go back to Stone Age and sell books carrying them on our shoulders. Social media dictates the greatest of the scripts and the marginal left out ones are those who do not use this medium. They have been sent to oblivion by readers, as introvert writers scribbling a diary with thoughts within the walls of their house.

To become a poet, social media is the basic and it’s also the advanced. There are no Facebook poets as such; again it’s only an imagination in a fool’s paradise, as writers are distinguished by what the world sees, and the platforms that relay them collectively. Facebook contributes to 3/4 of it to the world by way of advertisements, interactions and as an information bank. The ones who failed to make it successfully in social media platforms, are the ones who call even a wall as a poet, but not the ones who value logical social sharing and standing.

8. Would you say in brief about your published books?


Katashi Tales, being my debut book was a compilation of 15 newly written folktales and fables. It was my solo thoughts and ideas which was relayed in this book. The vacuum fell in short stories for decades, and was in a way compensated with these new set of western folklores. It won the 2019 Readers choice award, and was a best seller.

The Ghost Wisdom’, being my second book was a non-fictional work based on life and its reality. Life has been described in 110 units for easy comprehension and literary digestion in this book. “The Ghost Wisdom” has been a great seller in all parts of the world. It is one of the 28 finalists for 2020 Readers choice award and let’s wait and see if it repeats history of my former book ‘Katashi Tales.’

9, What about your upcoming books?


My forthcoming books are:

The English Teacher Who Taught Chinese 

It’s an 82,000 worded funny novel and my debut entry to Humour genre. It’s an American teacher’s story and she is sure to keep you entertained and laughing.

I have already completed this book and it was recently even cleared by US Copyright office as original work. I may be publishing it anytime in 2020.

Arabikan Tales 

I’m currently writing this book and it will have a set of new Arabian tales. This book will be an answer to the question. What came after Aladdin and Ali Baba?

Once it’s completed, it would be a great book to be treasured for generations.

9. Please share one of your latest poems.


This one I had written yesterday night, so let me share it being the latest


Smith couldn’t believe that Verran had died.

She was his wife who had twice dressed as a bride.

The first time being their much-awaited wedding day.

The second time, as a soulless body in teakwood coffin without a say.

Verran had left Smith for the eternal world, a year back.

His house was today silent, and joy it did lack.

Smith sat on his curved chair, and closed his eyes,

He imagined Verran lying under the soil, frozen as ice.

He looked at their bed recollecting old memories.

That’s where they used to nag and pamper each other exhausting all energies.

His lips drooped as he witnessed her lying in the coffin with a bouquet of flowers.

Silence ensued between them, as Verran prepared to meet strange eternal powers.

She was looking calm with her eyes firmly closed.

Her soul was soon to leave, and her body awaiting to be decomposed.

Tears fell from the eyes of Smith, as he thought of his beloved wife.

Verran was already settled in her afterlife,

But for Smith, life could never transform,

It was still filled with her in every form.

He wondered,” Who will kick me every morning to keep me awake?

Who’ll kiss me every morning for love’s sake?"

He dropped an ice cube to his crystal glass,

And splashed it with whiskey of superior class.

He was sitting in the same balcony from where Verran had fallen,

His mood was sober, and his eyes were swollen.

He kept drinking looking at the starlit sky; Smith had started to get tipsy;

He noticed a particular star; It was twinkling more and looking glitzy.

He stood up and raised his glass pointing high at the sky

Little did he know that he was about to die.

Next morning, his neighbour told the ambulance driver,

“Smith and his wife were so much in love, we couldn’t save either!”

They looked at the balcony placed so high,

Without a word, they gave out a sigh!

© Shiju H. Pallithazheth 2020

US Copyright Office Registered

10. Do you think that Facebook poets and their poems have been properly appreciated? How do your appreciators inspire you to keep writing?


There is no concept as Facebook poets. 

There is just Poet or not a poet. 

Facebook is a medium to relay literary talents and there are varied other means similar to Facebook such as web pages and literary related web magazines. So if you see all in a nutshell, it’s all about being a poet or not and nothing called Facebook poet or house poet or garden poet.

Even spam and porn gets shared in Facebook. Right? So what do you understand from it all?

It’s today a powerful web based medium, which can be used and misused. Writers benefit the most from this relay centre made of bits and bytes.

Ok, now to my answer to your question; Yes, I feel that Facebook acts as the most crucial medium in today’s world. But it all depends on where one’s literary talent is relayed. One has to make maximum use of centralised platforms to exhibit works. Motivational Strips is one such platform and there are a few others which are being run by collective committees with general focus. It’s difficult for readers to access when a writer’s script gets scattered all around in thousands of groups which caters only to vanity and not serving purpose of general appeal or relevance. That’s why you will see many poems lying idle without even peeped into. So it all depends on how wise the writer is, and how wise he or she is to know which platforms can get them objective attention.

11. Do you think that Govt and Non-Govt organizations have done their best to promote world class literature?


Yes, they are doing their best, but as literature is a mighty ocean in terms of breadth and length, they do have their limitations too. I can’t fully blame them for this as well. Meanwhile, let’s all thank them for having belled the cat.

12. Do you think that Facebook and other social media have challenged the print media?


They haven’t crushed the print media but yes, there is a shortage of great literary scripts for the publishers. I

t’s because many writers and poets share in social media but never bother to get them to the printing press. I’m referring to poets here, and not the fiction writers. Fiction and nonfiction are still going strong.

However social media acts as a mother to empower writers to relay information about their talents.

Through ‘Motivational Strips’, we are trying our best to encourage and promote more poets to publish hard copies. We also support hundreds of poets to be bestselling poets through our unique anthologies brought out periodically.

13. What is your opinion on the awards and certificates issued by various Facebook groups?


No awards or honours have paper value unless it’s endorsed by established institutions and platforms. When I say established, it should have endorsements and blessings of institutions, and governmental organisations. We see many certificates lately with United Nations logo in it. How will they be related to United nations unless the UN declares them as an associate (laughs). So what does it mean?

Fake or a greater take?

14. How do you feel when you interact with the poets from different countries, specially through Facebook?


It helps me to enhance my social comprehension, social standing and social realisation stage by stage.

Getting closer to this question, I realise the world has to be united to lead a wiser earth and not scattered around by way of religion, caste and nationality. It’s a blessing that the world has come closer through literature.

15. Do you experiment with your own poetic creations?


Always and every time. I hate relaying monotony to myself and the audience.

16. Do you think that Facebook poets have contributed in bringing peace to the war prone zones?


What do you mean by Facebook poets? Did you mean poets who use Facebook medium to relay thoughts? Well then the answer is Yes!

To an extent, social media has helped poets connect with the world on broader realisations. News media have limitations and taboo to their information relay, and will only share what they want. It definitely does not give a clearer picture, but social media on the other hand helps to relay facts in an expressive and pristine form.

17.  Do you have any suggestions for our group?


You guys are doing great. I love the unique concept of getting deeper into writers. I would be happy to support you beyond this interview in the coming days. Try gradually developing this concept as a website. Ok for now, let me take this opportunity to applaud you and others.

18. What suggestions do you have for your co-poets?


“Write as that’s what’s right.”

Leave all the rest to follow along with. Running behind fame will never get you there but rather put you to defame. Allow your written scripts to get you the ‘name’ and not your oral declarations that you know how to write. Avoid snobbery and robbery in literature and allow disciplinary organic writings to get you surging ahead!


Author Shiju H. Pallithazheth is the President and Founder of this world’s most active Writers Forum .He ıs also the Co- President in World Natıons Wrıters’ Unıon Kazakhstan on World Literature. He was recently declared as the Hon President of the largest Spanish writers union Union Hispanomundial De Escritores by Its Executive President as well Founder.

Shiju is a person who takes selfless time in coaching worldwide writers to be greater writers and follows his mission to spread love and unity among writers.Known for his gifted wisdom, he holds a Bachelors Degree (Hons.) in English Literature and Masters in Business Administration. He has written hundreds of articles/quotes and poems covering all genres. His recent fiction work ‘Katashi Tales‘ was a worldwide best seller. He has a unique form of writing which has a global voice and can be easily comprehended by any readers from the world. Though an Indian by birth, he spent most of his life in Sultanate of Oman where his parents worked. He is presently employed in Oman from where he writes his thoughts to the world of readers and writers.

His awards from around the world are numerous.

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