Introducing The Founder of Motivational Strips - Shiju H Pallithazheth

14 May

Let me introduce the Founder of Motivational Strips - Shiju H Pallithazheth

These are truthful facts on the achievements and performance of our esteemed Literary mentor and Founder of Motivational Strips, the world's most active writers Forum.

Shiju H Pallithazheth is a brilliant thinker, motivator, No 1 achiever, and a really down to earth person. He is a man of wisdom and great vision.

Two years ago, I conducted his very first interview which at first, because of his humility, he hesitated to do, but eventually did.

A lot has changed since then as he is forever pursuing new goals and opportunities.

I belonged to several groups before I met him, and he is the first Founder I know to start a dynamic Literature Facebook group of quality writers from 106 countries, with a well-refined ambiance, and strict rules of ethics such as:

• Literary integrity

• Awareness of Cyber deceit

• No public literary criticism.

He was the first Founder to honour members periodically with certificates of appreciation at varying levels for their contributions to Literature.

He was the first to start poetry contests such as Bold Gold Pen, World Literary Pearl Contest, and Santa’s Magic Pen.

He was the first to build within the Forum a Corporate structure of Co-Director, Chief Advisors, Regional Directors, Administrators, and Moderators.

He was first to affiliate other groups and connect Government Associations and Writers Unions with the Forum.

Motivational Strips in association with affiliated Forum How to Write for Success, was first to introduce Free Anthologies on subjects of World Importance that became Amazon Bestseller No 1.

Because of his initiative with Evince pub Publishing, Motivational Strips was first to introduce a Forum Magazine.

It was his brainchild to introduce a Forum Website where writers can contribute poetry, articles, and even short stories. Bharath Vision has brought it to fruition with the help of the loyal Administration of Motivational Strips.

I will disclose one more fact which I don’t know if any of you know. Apart from being one among the best writers in the world, he had also won the university's best student award for his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) many years ago. So that will shed a bit of light on his professional acumen.

We at Motivational Strips wish him long life and look forward to the forum expanding further under his wise leadership.

Brenda Mohammed

Regional Director – Operations, Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers Forum

Founder of How to Write for Success.

Author of 26 books in multiple genres

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