HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS written by Brenda Mohammed

No longer HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS remains a question that is unanswered for many.
The book written by BRENDA MOHAMMED, inspired the author to establish a Literary forum with three sub-forums and growing membership.
This bestselling book received a five-star review from Readers Favorite one month after it was published in December 2017.
In August 2019 it topped all the books in the Non-Fiction category of Connections Emagazine Readers' Choice awards and won the gold medal in the category of non-fiction.
It also placed second in all categories and won the silver medal. The irony of this was that Brenda's romance novel, 'Stories People Love,' by this author, placed first in all categories and won the gold medal..
The merits of the book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS were featured in a review in the Ethiopian Herald Sunday Edition on February 16th, 2020.
“If you are now getting into writing read this book before you begin. The ideas generated will be of great help to you as Brenda uses her own experiences as she said, from her trials and errors in her writing journey. You will learn a lot from the Questions and Answers Segment of the book. I did.
The courage and creativity of writing a book are only surpassed by the eager willingness of those more experienced than we to take the time to offer their wisdom.
I say to all who have something to say, if you aspire to say it, then say it well, but take the time to learn from others who have not only experienced success but are willing to teach.
This book offers such valuable information for all of us experienced or not!
Thank you, Brenda!”

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