Interview with Founder of Motivational Strips, Shiju H Pallithazheth

Interview with Founder of Motivational Strips, Shiju H Pallithazheth

I had the pleasure and the honour to interview a very special writer Shiju  H.Pallithazheth.
He is the Founder of the popular Facebook Group Motivational Strips, a Global Writers Hub, and the world's most active writers Forum.
He is one of the wisest persons I met online.
When you read the answers to the questions I posed to him you will see the wisdom in his words.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your country.

I reside in the world.
Now that raises your eyebrows for a moment.
Well, the moment a writer thinks he or she is from a particular country; his or her writings get cocooned to the four corners of his residential plateau.
That’s psychology!
So I wish to feel I was born into the world as a common man who has a million things to learn from it.
Thus I’m a product of the world and learning from it bit by bit.
For residential purposes and for the sake of this question, I will be happy enough to say that I’m an Indian by origin, born and brought up in a small Middle East country called Sultanate of Oman.
So it’s cross geography upbringing I have been through.
Currently, I am residing in its Capital called Muscat.
That’s my base now.
For more info on its geographical side, it’s very near to Dubai. (Approximately 3.5 hours car drive).
Speaking about my education, I have done a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in English Literature and a Masters in Business Administration.
Most of my higher education was in India.
I love reading comics Tintin and Asterix books being my favorites.
Also, I’m a great fan of animated movies, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Moana’ being my favourites.
I love playing video games and during my earlier years was a Rifle shooter too.
I was awarded the best firer South India in NCC (junior military program in India)( .22 and 303 rifles) when I graduated.

2. How did you get started on your writing journey?

I had a vision and passion.
My vision was to build a career in Business Management and due to God’s grace, I’m successful today in that aspect.
I head the Corporate & Key Account Sales department for a reputed French Automaker.
It involves a lot of travelling.
Thus the nature of my job has also made me a travel freak.
Writing was my passion since childhood.
I used to write small scripts which made sense.
That’s how I started.
It was my cousin who first identified the strength of writing in me, and it’s she who asked me to write a book.
I don’t have a genre in which I specialise but I write on every genre.
It includes self-help, Philosophy, romance, as well as poetry

3. Let’s talk about your new book. What is it about? When will it be published?

My forthcoming book is a collectible which will help all generations as a reference point to grasp life.
We have a dictionary to refer to when it comes to meanings, we have encyclopedias to refer to when it comes to learning facts and figures.
Mine will be a reference book to learn life when one goes through a confusion.
It will be published in 2018 for sure.
And the book would be a story with the sole purpose of instigating people to grow wisely.

4. Where did the inspiration for your book come from?

It comes from a spirit unknown and unseen by all.
Only he speaks to me and only I can feel him around me ( giggles)
Strange? Yes, but true.

5. What is the message you are trying to get across in your book?
How to live in various stages of life, that’s what the book is all about.

6. Tell us about your group Motivational Strips. What was the purpose of forming that group?

Writers have different voices or modes of writing worldwide.
The purpose of the forum was for writers to identify a global voice in their writings.
It will help them to be productive writers catering to the global readers preventing regional barriers in acceptance.
It will help them substantially to be potential best sellers; and will also be a support system to global literature.
The forum Motivational Strips has grown to 5K writers in a short span of 2 months.
It’s more of a research centre today.
It’s a paradise for all writers to benefit with inspiration from one another.
It’s also a platform of love, unity, and harmony as all are secure there.
The forum doesn’t encourage negative remarks or discouragement between writers.
Such writers who don’t profess unity and affection for own tribes are kept out of the forum.
It’s meant for qualitative writers who identify the essence of learning and growing together.
Currently, it has writers from 100 countries.
I guess this itself is self-explanatory.

7. What is your vision for writers worldwide?
Wisdom is in writers hands. It’s a blessed boon.
Use it without causing harm or damage to the world or society.
Be humble, cut ego and keep going ahead to learn more.

Note by Interviewer Brenda Mohammed.
So there you have it, friends.
Those are the words of a wise man.
What he has not told you is that he is also a graphic artist who designs beautiful posters. He designed two for two of my books.

He also designs fabulous award certificates.