Timothy DiVito
Chief Literary Ambassador - USA

Timothy Michael DiVito has been writing poetry for 46 years. He has written 18,000 to this point in his career. He has been published in The San Fernando Poetry Journal, The Rag Mag, Möbius, WYRD, Homagi, Kiroo, The World Peace Anthology, La Palabra, Cultural Reverence, The Rising Stars and WildFire Publications. He also posts on sites like WordPress, Poetizer, lineofpoery, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wix. He published three books on Amazon-- "Poetic Passion", " Forever and Ever", "For The Love of Life", "A Collaboration Of The Heart", "An Eternal Love" and "An Emotional Journey" Many of his poetry narrations are on YouTube. Timothy DiVito is famous for his beautiful love poems and collaborations with other poets.