How to Write for Success

The book How to Write for Success written by Founder Brenda Mohammed won the Reader's choice Award 2018 GOLD in the category of Non- Fiction and a Silver Award for placing second in the overall categories of books. {First place in overall categories went to her Romance Novel - Stories People Love}

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Stories People Love

Stories People Love written by Brenda Mohammed topped all categories in Readers Choice 2019 and won two gold Medals. 1.Gold Medal for winning first place in overall categories and 2. Gold Medal for winning first place in the Romance category.

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Katashi Tales

Katashi Tales written by Shiju H Palithazheth, Founder of Motivational Strips, the world's most active writers Forum, topped the Children's category in Readers Choice Awards 2019 and won a gold medal

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The Westwood Witches: A Secret Discovered

The Westwood Witches: A Secret Discovered by Sarah Northwood topped the category Fantasy, in Readers Choice Awards 2019.

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Popular Winners in Readers Choice Awards 2020

The top three winners and the other seven participants who made it this year to READERS CHOICE 2020 POPULAR CATEGORY by votes are as follows:. 1. Stories that Intrigue – Brenda Mohammed (Romance Category) Total Readers Voted - 1013 (Gold Winner) - Overall Votes (Gold Winner) - Romance Category 2. The Ghost Wisdom – Shiju H. Pallithazheth (Non-Fiction Category) Total Readers Voted - 670 (Silver Winner) - Overall (Gold Winner) - Non-Fiction Category 3. Written in Water - Lesley Hayes (Other Fiction Category) Total Readers Voted - 449 (Bronze Winner) - Overall (Gold Winner) - Other Fiction Category Finalists Of Popular Category ( These books didn’t make it as Winners among the global mass, However, some of them have been awarded honorary Readers Choice awards upon the discretion of the magazine to motivate them. So for those who got the honorary titles, we express our heartfelt congratulations) 4. Sparky - Millie Slavidou Total Readers Voted - 331 5. The Shimmer - Sylva Fae Total Readers Voted 247 6. A Year in the life of Leah- Lucinda Clarke Total Readers Voted - 245 7. To Target the Heart - Andrea Alien Total Readers Voted - 189 8. Irma’s Endgame - Paulette Mathurin Total Readers Voted - 187 9. Chronicles of Fen Cermain -Y.W. Lumaris Total Readers Voted - 139 10. The Mouse in the Hammock – Bethany Brevard Total Readers Voted - 123 Now it’s time to express mine and the forum’s gratitude. We thank the Readers Choice Award Committee and all who got nominated for this year's contest. Motivational Strips remain lifetime indebted to our valued readers who made sure that the best books make it to the top. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU and Congratulations.